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CARF Spring 2014 Update

The Spring 2014 CARF Update features another timely selection of informative papers on topics of special interest to marketers, researchers and advertisers.

This update explores several current trends and challenges, with a focus on shortened purchase cycles and other digitally driven changes in shopping patterns, and, on the marketing end, the ever-growing need to gain speed and efficiency through automation, recognize changes in consumer behaviour and improve targeting.

Spring 2014 articles include: how content marketing can cut through media clutter; a field guide to getting more benefit from digital metrics; optimizing opportunities for earned media; the rise of the machines in media buying and using automated systems for better targeting; the role of technology and emotion in the shopping process; cutting through gimmicks to develop shopper centricity as a true mindset; and how digital tools in the hands of consumers have resulted in a dramatic shortening of the purchase window.

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Get to Know Your CARF Directors

CARF Directors

To better serve the advertising, communications and media research industries, the Canadian Advertising Research Foundation has seated a Board of Directors comprised of energized representatives with varied backgrounds and interests in research.

As a new feature on the website, we are pleased to offer director profiles , and we encourage CARF members to access them as valuable resources in advertising research.

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A Forum for the Industry

CARF conferences, seminars and workshops provide leading edge updates on advertising measurement, research and applications. With subjects ranging from consumer demographics, attitudes and behaviour to media survey techniques and findings and advertising strategies, CARF conferences and seminars feature blue ribbon speakers from Canada and around the world, dealing with emerging media and advertising research issues that are timely, relevant and of immediate interest to the industry. Find out more >>

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Worldwide exposure for Canadian research

Through an agreement between CARF and the World Advertising Research Center in the UK, selected Canadian research papers and opinions will be made available to a worldwide audience on its subscription site,

CARF members have access to a variety of international research materials included in regular newsletter updates.




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